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Modern Icons

These icons made in a modern style utilize the ancient and universal symbolic language of sacred icons and reconfigure elements of this language in a new visual context. A common symbolic motif in this style is the bare wooden background, which alludes to the wood of the life-saving Cross that is ever present in the lives of the saints and shines through their sanctity as seen in their partly unpainted halos. This section of the gallery is an exciting exploration into the many manifestations of this symbolic language and takes inspiration from the modern Renaissance of icon painting present in Lviv, Ukraine. 

Traditional Icons

These icons are all either faithful copies or are directly influenced by a variety of historical iconographic styles and schools that have been part of the grand breadth of the Orthodox Christian Tradition. Inspirations include, but are not limited to the ancient Byzantine encaustic icons of the 6th century AD, the medieval Pskov icons of Russia, the colorful icons of the medieval Russian iconographer Andrei Rublev, and many more.

Christian Fine Art

More Christian fine art will be coming soon...

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